Oceanside Glass & Tile has decided to move to an almost exclusive production of fusible glass. This product line will be a tested compatible match with existing authentic System 96 Branded products already in the marketing and in your studios. Production of the new Oceanside Compatible fusing glass has already begun as of July 2nd.

Why? You ask.:

  • As a steward of the environment, this switch to almost all fusible glass drastically reduces our waste, and your waste too. 
  •  The majority of artists “scrap glass” can now be repurposed in Fusing Projects, and our production glass scraps can be re-melted, making the glass more valuable to you and to us.
  • At a high-level, this switch also offers us much needed simplification and efficiency in our overall production.
  • There are 2 main distinctions of the glass production - Hand-rolled (as previously provided by Uroboros) and Continuous Ribbon (as previously provided by Spectrum).

    We remain fully committed to growing and improving Oceanside Compatible Fusing Glass and Oceanside Art Glass. Remember, we stand in front of you today because we too revered and relied upon Spectrum and Uroboros products for our tile business. We can tell you with unwavering certainty that we are even more passionate about these products today than ever before. From our entire company, thank you for your support and willingness to grow with us.