Fusing mold Candle Bridge 2

€ 28,89

Fusing mold Candle Bridge 2
Inner Dimensions: Length: 25 cm, Width: 14.5 cm, Height: 3 cm
Outer Dimensions: Length: 27 cm, Width: 14.9 cm, Height: 4.3 cm
Opening Dimensions: Length: 5.5 cm, Height: 1 cm


This mould has been designed to create a Candle Bridge but this does not need to be its only use. It has an interesting topography which could lend itself as a template to create interesting pre-fabricated componants such as curved stringers etc.. These types of mould require plenty of shelf primer and extra care when removing the slumped glass. All convex slumpings require careful positioning of the glass plus a good control of the slumping temperature, to stop the glass from ‘grabbing’ the mould.