studio nuggets

€ 121,90
Studio Nuggets 22 kilo Uniform, 1/2-oz Clear Glass "Pillows" for Glass Blowing Formed for Studio Melting –– Formulated for Studio Glass Blowing System 96® Studio Nuggets are clear glass pillows specifically designed for Glass Blowing. A high-quality, forgiving glass -- universal appeal, value, and System 96 Tested Compatibility. System96 Studio Nuggets offer an excellent working range, and are tested-compatible with our System 96® colors. System 96 Studio Nuggets also work with most popular blowing colors, but as there is a wide range between the many colors, we recommend testing the suitability of these colors for your intended use. (Also see information about Spectrum Premium Nuggets™, which offers a softer furnace glass option for applications that require a longer working range. Spectrum Premium Nuggets work with most popular blowing color but are not recommended for use with System 96 color.) •Over 99% Yield • Consistently Clean–– Few Fines •Paperweight Clear •No Dust, No Fumes, Non Toxic •Consistently Stable –– No Surprises •Impervious to Moisture •Available in bulk or handy 50-Lb Bags •Every Melt Tested Compatible to strict System 96™ standard
studio nuggets
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